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Eliquid Private Labeling
& Manufacturing

Convenient Private Labeling

Creative Designs
Bottles Secured With Child-Proof Cap
Batches Coded & Dated

Bulk Eliquid Wholesale

Verifiable Raw Ingredients
Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Reverse Flavor Engineering

E-liquid Distribution

Network of 1,000+ Retail Stores
GMP Adherence
Shipping Inspected & Verified

Ready To See Your Profits SOAR?

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Wholesale USA E Cig Liquid Manufacturer

Our dynamic manufacturing capabilities are our biggest flex.


E-liquid Flavor Pod Filling


Up to 700 bottles/min

E-Liquid Injection Molding Liquid Flavor Pods


Injection Molding Liquid Flavor Pods


Up to 5,000 flavor pods/day


E-Liquid Label Printer


Over 10,000 e-liquid labels/day

Over 10 years experience in e-juice wholesale distribution

  • ISO 7 Clean Room Certified: Our expansive manufacturing lab guidelines are as strict as other chemical industries. Our experience in multiple chemical industries has promoted our awareness and adherence to strict safety protocol and quality control.
  • Turnkey Solutions: Our customers love our turnkey e-liquid manufacturing, flavor engineering, label design, distribution and more. Trust an American manufacturer with excellent exposure, service and reputation.
  • E Liquid Distribution: Our targeted network of 23,000+ vapor shops gives your products the visibility your brands need to stand out in the store. USA E Liquid Manufacturers can add your product lines to shops at any given time.

Eliquid Manufacturing Service