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Curve That Hard Hit: Avoid Harsh Hitting E-Liquid

Curve That Hard Hit: Avoid Harsh Hitting E-Liquid

Are you mixing e-juice and it’s hitting harsh? E-liquid should not hit throats hard! If your e-juice is giving you an itchy throat, or if you’re new to mixing, you might be wondering how to make it less harsh. There are many ways to reduce a throat hit that applies to vaping and mixing. Below, we’ve suggested a few things that will help avoid a harsh hit.

No one likes to vape an e-juice that’s too harsh on the exhale, so let’s make that e-liquid smoother.


How can I make my e-juice smoother?

Nicotine strength is the most common reason for a harsh throat hit. Depending on your role as a mixer, you’re limited in what you can do here. If you’re a wholesaler, it’s wise that you advise your customers to choose the right nic strength. But if you’re going against our recommendations by mixing DIY, be mindful of nicotine strength you’re using. The more nicotine you use, the harsher the throat hit. It may be tempting to use more if you’ve just quit smoking, but you probably don’t need to.


Why is the vapor so harsh?!

Only in special cases is vapor the problem behind a harsh exhale. Usually, it’s only a problem if the e-juice has a low VG ratio. VG is the substance that helps form more vapor because of its high viscosity. It also thickens the juice, which isn’t necessary with sweetened vapes that use thick sweeteners. The trade off here is that mixing an e-liquid with a balanced VG ratio will help avoid a harsh throat hit.


How Can I Make My Vape Smoother?

If every e-liquid hits hard no matter the VG or nic level, it’s obviously the vape. Mods with manipulable airflow and wattage are responsible for rough hits if they’re not at the proper setting. Be sure to check the mod has high airflow and low wattage to keep that itchy throat at bay.
Also, check that you have enough e-liquid in the tank. Even if you’re just using a little to test with, you need to have a decent amount for it to vaporize in the mod properly. The coil should also be properly primed, with the wick completely saturated for the smoothest exhale.

On the topic of priming coils: also be sure that you’re using a cotton wick. Cotton wicks will give a smoother hit because they’re lighter and more heat differently.

If none of the above solve your throat hit issue, make sure your throat isn’t irritated from chain vaping. It’s easy to lose track of how many hits you’ve taken if you’re testing flavors or just not paying attention. So be mindful of your throat, remember to take breaks, and if you’re a wholesaler, remind your customers to do the same.

Also advise that they always buy premium e-juice from well known brands. Low quality juice can irritate the throat because of the cheap ingredients and how inexpensive it is to use less VG in flavor mixing ratios.

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